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The trophy Cheers is earned in this job.
The trophy Master Thief is earned in this job.

Operation: High Road is a job in episode 5 of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


Start a battle between Neyla's and Contessa's forces as a distraction in order to free Carmelita and get the Clockwerk Eyes.


  • Defend the blimp
  • Free Carmelita
  • Chase Neyla
  • Battle the Contessa
  • Disable Carmelita's tank
  • Retrieve the Clockwerk eyes


Part 1 (Murray)Edit

First, Murray will hack the spotlight on The Contessa's exterior of her castle.

Part 2 (Sly)Edit

Shortly after, Bentley uses the voice modulator to order the tanks to attack the castle. Paraglide Bentley to the blimp with Sly. Quickly take care of the guards that happen to be on the blimp. After the blimp makes it to the re-education tower Sly and Bentley go to get the Clockwerk eyes and free Carmelita.

Part 3 (Bentley)Edit

Once inside, Bentley uses the newly fixed terminal to unlock Carmelita's cuffs, who then steals her pistol back. Realizing Carmelita is free, the Contessa runs away while Carmelita fires at her wildly. Bentley uses the mojo battery on the mind shuffler, causing an explosion. Bentley finds one of the Clockwerk eyes while Neyla steals the other. Sly runs after her, leaving Bentley alone.

Part 4A (Sly)Edit

Once outside, chase Neyla. She will leave a golden trial behind. Use the paraglider and jump on the glowing spider webs she occasionally leaves behind to keep up with her. She will accidentally trip into a web, and Sly will be able to take the eye from her, but before he leaves, the Contessa shows up.

Part 4B (Bentley)Edit

During the time when Sly is chasing Neyla, Bentley needs to use the blimp's turret to destroy all twenty of Neyla's bombers. Fire in controlled bursts to avoid overheating the gun. Once all twenty planes have been taken out, Bentley will get some unexpected company. Carmelita, thinking Contessa is escaping in her blimp, shoots it down.

Part 5 (Sly)Edit

The Contessa snatches Neyla and confronts Sly in an attempt to get the eye. Dodge her charging attack and the small purple spiders she releases. Once her health is depleted completely, she will go down, but whack Sly away, steal the eye back and escape. Sly will run after her.

Part 6 (Murray)Edit

Carmelita, after shooting down the blimp and taking the eye Bentley had, will try to get away in a tank. It is up to Murray to stop the her and get the eye before she escapes. Murray can run over any guards that get in his way. Once Carmelita is stopped, Murray can take the eye.

Part 7 (Sly)Edit

Sly manages to catch up to the Contessa and confront her. Her battle technique is much like the first. However, possession of the Clockwerk eye now allows her to daze Sly, making his movements somewhat sluggish. After the Contessa is defeated, she will not get back up this time and Sly can finally get the eye. Now that the gang has both of the Clockwerk Eyes, the operation is a success.


Sly Cooper in Five Minutes05:08

Sly Cooper in Five Minutes

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