This is the page where formal requests and nominations for user rights can be filed.

Procedure Edit

This following procedure applies to all types of requests for user rights: moderatorship, adminship and bureaucratship.

Stage 1: Requesting Edit

  • Add your request under the section "Current requests" of the desired position and give a concise explanation (no more than a few lines) as to why you deserve and require it. You must use the sample format that is shown at the top of the edit window when editing the section "Current requests".
  • Alternatively, another user may also nominate another eligible user for user rights. If this is the case, the candidate only needs to say that he/she accepts the nomination. It is not necessary to elaborate any further.
  • Note that being nominated by another user bears no advantage over normal requests you make yourself.

Stage 2: Voting Edit

  1. When voting begins, community members may place a "support", "neutral" or "oppose" vote under the candidate's request or nomination.
  2. Attach reasoning to your position. Every vote must be logical, reasonable, and in line with the stated requirements for that position. It is the responsibility of the voter to ensure compliance. Unless they are later clarified in an acceptable way, non-complying votes may be discarded without notice.
  3. Individual votes may then be critiqued or discussed at any time in a civil and reasonable manner.
  4. At the end of two weeks, voting is closed. Voting may be closed earlier if there are no votes for five days.

Stage 3: Resolving Edit

  • The following is then used to determine whether or not the candidate is granted the requested user rights:
    • If the candidate has a rate of support of 75% or above, the rights are granted.
    • If the candidate has a rate of support between 65% and 75%, bureaucratic discretion is to be used in determining whether rights are granted. Arguments from the votes provided will be considered.
    • If the candidate has a rate of support of 65% or below, the rights are not granted.

Requests for moderatorshipEdit

A moderator has rollback rights and chat-moderator rights. Rollback rights enable users to use a [rollback] button to quickly revert vandalism from diff pages. It is particularly useful on Sly Cooper Wiki when an admin is unavailable to take bigger action against vandals. Chat-moderator rights enable a user to kick and ban other users from the community chat.

Requirements Edit

  • Strong and consistent history of contributions, though quality is more important than quantity
  • History of anti-vandalism and corrective work — undoing or reporting vandalism, or both
  • No history of serious blocks due to vandalism or sockpuppetry

Current requests Edit

Requests for adminship Edit

An explanation of what administrator or "sysop" rights are can be found at the administrator page.

Requirements Edit

There are no concrete requirements for a user to be an administrator. However, administrators will usually:

  • Be a capable and constructive contributor to the wiki
  • Be mature and trusted by the community
  • Adhere to common principles relating to adminship

A user also must be a moderator in order to apply or be nominated for adminship.

Current requests Edit

Requests for bureaucratshipEdit

Bureaucrats are users who can add rollback, administrator and bureaucrat flags to other users, and remove rollback and administrator flags. On Sly Cooper Wiki, all bureaucrats are also administrators and thus have all the abilities an administrator does.

Requirements Edit

There are no concrete requirements for a user to be a bureaucrat, except that the user must already be an administrator. However, bureaucrats will usually:

  • Be among the most capable contributors to the wiki
  • Be highly trusted by the community over a long period of time
  • Be thorough and a good judge of character
  • Be fair and balanced in determining consensus in difficult cases

A user must also be an administrator in order to apply or be nominated for bureaucratship.

Current requests Edit

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