Sly Cooper
In Game Information
AffiliationsCooper Clan
Cooper Gang
AliasesThe Thief
Sitting Duck
Jose Ortiz
The Ball
Major Muggshot
Real World Information
AppearancesSly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus
Sly 2: Band of Thieves
Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves
Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
The Adventures of Sly Cooper: No. 1, No. 2
Bentley's Hackpack
Voice ActorKevin Miller

Sly Cooper was a descendant from a long line of master thieves called the Cooper Clan. His life changed drastically when his father was murdered in front of him. Alone, Sly was left in the care of an orphanage, where he met Bentley and Murray. He soon formed a bond with them that would strengthen and eventually become life-long.

As Sly grew up, he formed the Cooper Gang with Bentley and Murray and they traveled around the world, conducting all kinds of heists and robberies. Their constant crimes attracted the attention of Inspector Carmelita Fox, who made it her goal to make sure she would hunt down and capture Sly and his gang.

History Edit

Early life Edit

Sly was born into the lineage of the Cooper Clan under the tutelage of his father. Sly grew up learning about his family's history as master thieves and was to follow in his father's footsteps and inherit their legendary legacy, the Thievius Raccoonus, once he turned eight.[2] He would often spend time with his father's friend and partner in crime Jim McSweeney. At the age of three, Sly was taken by his father to a museum on the coast of Italy, the reason for which was unknown to him.[3]


On the night Sly was to inherit the book, a mysterious gang of criminals known as the Fiendish Five infiltrated the Cooper residence. Try as he might, his father failed to defend himself and his son from the brutes and was killed. The Fiendish Five ransacked the house searching for the book, Sly helplessly watching them while hiding inside the closet. Finding it, they tore out its pages and split it among themselves before leaving, stealing everything from the younger Cooper.[2]

Sly, without parents, ended up in an an orphanage where he met Bentley and Murray and became close friends with them after stealing cookies together from the orphanage's owner, Ms. Puffin.[4] Sly was determined to grow up as an accomplished thief and live up to his namesake.

Meeting Carmelita Edit

Becoming a Master ThiefEdit

Stealing the Case FileEdit

Ten years after the theft of the Thievius Raccoonus, Sly had gained a reputation as a cunning thief and entangled the interest of Carmelita Fox. Sly embarked on his quest to take back his inheritance and avenge his father's death. At 4:20 A.M., Sly broke into Police Headquarters in Paris and recovered a file in Carmelita's office. The file contained her collected data on Sly's background and history, as well as information on the members of the Fiendish Five and their locations.

After attempting to slip out through the fire escape, Sly encounters Carmelita and reminisces on their last meeting in Bombay when he stole the Fire Stone of India, and she replies by explaining the function of her new Shock Pistol. Sly quickly leaps down the fire escape and to the parking lot, leaping into the back of Murray's van before the gang drives off, with Carmelita certain he hadn't escaped her yet.

Legend of the Welsh TriangleEdit

Sly soon headed out with the gang and decided to study up on their first target, Sir Raleigh the Frog. They arrived at the Isle O' Wrath off of the Welsh Triangle and infiltrated Raleigh's base. From there, Sly traversed Raleigh's lair until he found a way to Raleigh's hideout within his storm machine.

Inside, Sly confronted Raleigh who commented on Sly's unexpected arrival to which Sly explained his desire to take back his section of the Thievius Raccoonus. Enraged, Raleigh attacked Sly and they battled. Overwhelmed and beaten, Raleigh ranted about how his defeat wouldn't save Sly from Muggshot, the local gangster of Mesa City. Sly located Raleigh's section inside a vault within the base of his throne, the pages including details of Rioichi Cooper and his ninja spire jump. With Carmelita in hot pursuit, Sly narrowly avoided the officer and escaped with the Cooper Gang. Satisfied, they prolonged their visit in England, Sly stealing Her Majesty's Big Bag of Crown Jewels, before returning to hideout, excited for their next heist.

Sunset Snake EyesEdit

Sly examined his data on the notorious gangster shortly before arriving in Mesa City, proceeding to fight past his guards and infiltrate Muggshot's casino. Along the way, Inspector Fox caught up to him and chased him across the city until he finally eluded her, broke into the casino and broke into the elevator leading to Muggshot's penthouse.

Muggshot was surprised that the man responsible for ruining his operation and killing his guards was Sly due to his seemingly frail stature. Frustrated at the Cooper's effort to steal back the Thievius Raccoonus and causing trouble, Muggshot drew his guns and attacked Sly. Using his wit, Sly destroyed all of Muggshot's weapons and defeated him; the gangster, taken aback by Sly's victory over himself, commented on how Sly needed to defeat Mz. Ruby to help take back the rest of his book and that he would regret it. Like Raleigh, Muggshot stored his section beneath his throne and Sly received the pages on "Tennessee Kid" Cooper which included his rail walk/slide move he used across the West. With difficulty, Sly evaded a second confrontation with Carmelita and the Gang enjoyed their stay in America, stealing for souvenirs, and heading back to the hideout preparing for their next mission.

Vicious VoodooEdit

After reviewing what was known on the mystic, Sly arrived in Haiti and sneaked into Mz. Ruby's compound, and got past her guards. Through supernatural dealings and a bit of running around, Sly was able to infiltrate Mz. Ruby's lair. Along the way, Bentley took note of a hovercraft Mz. Ruby used in her operation and how it was nothing that he ever seen before. Ignoring the advanced machinery, Sly pushed on and confronted the third member of the Fiendish Five.

Both exchanged banter of creeping the other out, Ruby's rather sarcastically. After a brief encounter, Mz. Ruby teleported and challenged Sly to reach her by playing a game of, as Sly called it, "Voodoo Simon Says". Succeeding and defeating her, Mz. Ruby admitted Sly's skill to beat her at her own game, but explained that it wouldn't help him defeat the Panda King in China. Confident, Sly believed that he, like the previous three Fiendish Five, would go down. Finding her pages within her lair, Sly collected the third section of the Thievius Raccoonus. The pages elaborated on the first known famous Cooper, Slytunkhamen Cooper who developed the invisibility technique in Egypt to steal from corrupt Pharaohs. Carmelita's arrival cued Sly's exit and the gang enjoyed the beaches of Haiti, working on their tans in preparation of their next caper.

Fire in the SkyEdit

Sly examined the profile of the Panda King before passing through his stronghold undetected and fighting through his personal guards. During the night, Sly found yet another hovercraft like Mz. Ruby's and Bentley identified it as identical in design to the one found in Haiti. Sly kept it in mind and continued on, finding Inspector Fox to have caught up to him. Sly begged her to open her eyes and realize that she was within a criminal's center of operation. Carmelita refused to listen, certain Sly was simply trying to confuse her and obstinately believing Sly was planning something illegal. She gave chase and Sly managed to escape her once again, continuing onward and finally breaching the Panda King's home atop a statue at the center of his headquarters. The Panda King took note of Sly's cane and recognized him as a member of the Cooper Clan and asked if he sought revenge to take back his section of the Thievius Raccoonus. Sly remarked it was his original intention but now intended to end the Panda King's villainous operation, burying villages in avalanches of snow with his fireworks. The Panda King said his methods were not an issue, as both of them were thieves.

Sly protested and denied Panda King's claim, rebutting his claim and that while Sly was a thief, the Panda King was simply a "frustrated firework artist turned homicidal pyromaniac." Enraged at Sly's disrespect, the Panda King attacked Sly with his new firework technique, Flame-Fu. Despite his ability to conjure flames from his hands, the Panda King was defeated, commenting on Sly's mastery with his father's cane. Bentley quickly radioed him after the battle, alerting Sly that he studied the hovercraft's composition and discovered that its location comes only from the Krack-Karov Volcano in Russia. Bentley deduced the fifth member of the Fiendish Five was located there and instructed Sly to leave as soon as possible. Before leaving, Sly retrieved the stolen section of the Thievius Raccoonus from the Panda King which included designs and schematics conceived by Otto Van Cooper.

Sly avoided a frustrated Carmelita once again while coming down the mountain and all three Cooper Gang members relaxed in Hong Kong, with Sly stealing food from the local market, before heading back to the hideout. Using Otto Van Cooper's designs, Murray was able to integrate several weapon systems into the van ready for their next move.

A Strange ReunionEdit

On their trip to Russia, Sly examined the pages of Thievius Raccoonus that he had retrieved. He noted that the book had little information on the final member of the Fiendish Five. While gazing at the multiple pictures detailed in the book, Sly noticed a consistent pattern in some of them: a shadowy owl-like figure seemingly pursuing them in the background. Sly checked police images again in his file and recognized them as matching the owl silhouette of the Fiendish Five's mysterious leader, Clockwerk. Sly wondered whether or not this disturbing revelation was a coincidence. However, they soon arrived at Clockwerk's lair. Greeted by the owl's powerful Death Ray, Sly and company combated Clockwerk's mechanical minions and deadly weapons to reach the inside of his volcanic lair. Once inside, Sly, Bentley, and Murray drove deeper inside until they gained access to the Death Ray's control tower. Sly leaped in and attempted to sabotage the weapon but found the immediate defenses dangerous.

However, Sly found Carmelita captured and trapped on the other side and, despite Bentley's protests of it being a trap, proceeded past the defenses to rescue her. Once inside the chamber, the doors closed and Sly found his cane to be ineffective in breaking the glass. Carmelita, unaware of the situation, assumed Sly was responsible for her capture and Sly quickly denied it. Immediately, the chamber filtered in poisonous gas and the shadowy image of Clockwerk appeared upon the viewing screens. The owl laughed, mocking Sly's actions as paralleling his clan's sentimental nature and their downfall. After disconnecting his view of Sly's demise, Clockwerk's victim was saved by his cohort, Bentley, who hacked into his database and shut off the gas chamber. Sly regained consciousness and Carmelita apologized for blaming him and said she would make it up to him. He freed her and both ran to the lair's exterior. Carmelita questioned why Sly freed her after hunting him down for years and Sly replied that she wasn't his enemy, Clockwerk was. In agreement, Carmelita suggested an alliance which Sly joyfully accepted but she warned him it was temporary until Clockwerk was taken down and that she would go after the Cooper afterwards. Grateful for his rescue, she promised she would grant him a ten second head start.

One of Clockwerk's mechanical owls swooped down and swiped Sly's cane, flying across the lava before being shot down by Inspector Fox. The cane, high atop Clockwerk's facility, was out of reach and Sly desperately begged that they retrieve it. Carmelita told Sly her jetpack was also high atop Clockwerk's Death Ray before she was captured and said he should also try taking it after grabbing the cane. She provided covering fire as he traversed the facility's exterior, shooting down Clockwerk's minions until he finally reached his cane and recovered it. Sly immediately entered the vicinity of the Death Ray, the inside of the volcano. Bentley alerted Sly that Carmelita's support fire had destroyed the weapon's magnatronic support field and that the weapon was sinking into the lava quickly. Rushing to grab the jetpack across the top of the huge laser weapon, Sly climbed the crumbling device as it slowly fell into the molten sea beneath it.

After equipping Carmelita's jetpack, the object of Sly's vendetta finally revealed himself. Clockwerk took flight and confronted the Cooper, objecting to Sly's escape from his gas chamber and destruction of his Death Ray. He was surprised, grudgingly admitting how Sly's family always found a way to beat him, confirming Sly's suspicions of the identity to the shadowy figure in the Thievius Raccoonus. Questioning him, Clockwerk vaguely answered the Cooper and told him that he was immortal and beyond aging, his anger, jealousy, and hatred creating the perfect formula to preserve his life within its cybernetic shell. His reasoning was also mysterious, describing his desire to simply surpass the Cooper Clan's thieving reputation. Clockwerk engaged him, his armor unaffected by Inspector Fox's weaponry. However, Carmelita noticed her Shock Pistol created vulnerabilities for the cyborg and told Sly to take advantage of her shots. He did, and Clockwerk's body was ravaged by the sudden onslaught. Unable to fly and plummeting into the lava, Bentley noted to Sly his belief that Clockwerk was dead.

However, Clockwerk's body had emergency engines and he arose again from the lava, determined to kill Sly there. Sly contemplated Clockwerk's words and actions, certain he knew that night he stole the Thievius Raccoonus that his father had a child and questioned why the owl let him live. Clockwerk answered directly, believing the world would see that without the Cooper Clan's book, they were nothing compared to him. Sly interjected, claiming that Clockwerk was fooled by the concept and that the Cooper's created the Thievius Raccoonus, not the other way around. Angered, Clockwerk ceased their conversation, seeking to end the charade and finish him off. After a second battle, the cyborg owl was defeated again and plummeted into the lava, Sly leaping down from his jetpack to finish him off. Bentley warned Sly of Clockwerk's auto repair circuitry and the raccoon sprinted across the destroyed wreckage of Clockwerk and his Death Ray before leaping upon the owl's back and bashing his head in.

Before finally shutting down, Clockwerk warned Sly that he could never escape him, and finally the last member of the Fiendish Five was defeated. Snatching from his claw the last pages of the Thievius Raccoonus, Sly succeeded in recovering the entire book and avenged his family by taking down the Fiendish Five. Shortly after Bentley and Murray arrived to the volcano's base, Carmelita confronted Sly to arrest him. As she promised, she gave him a ten second head start. Smiling, Sly stood there as the countdown occurred, waiting until the last second before slipping Carmelita a kiss. While dazed and blushing by his sudden show of affection, Sly handcuffed her to the ruins of Clockwerk's facility in those few moments and escaped with the Cooper Gang, leaving an enraged Carmelita behind although he felt she would escape and be chasing after him very soon.

Hunt for the Clockwerk PartsEdit

The Klaww GangEdit

Two years after the defeat of the Fiendish Five, Sly broke into the Museum of Natural History in Cairo, Egypt. The museum was where the Clockwerk Parts were being held on display. After making his way through the museum with help from Bentley and Murray, Sly entered the room where the parts were on display. Sly noticed that the parts were nowhere to be seen, leading Bentley to tell him to leave immediately.

Before he could, two sarcophagi in the back of the room opened, revealing Carmelita Fox and another officer. Carmelita commented on Sly's, like all other criminals, predictability on how they always return to the scene of their crime. Sly told her that he hadn't done any wrong yet, to which she asked who it was then that broke in the previous night and stole the Clockwerk parts. Sly expressed his confusion as he thought the parts were at the museum. This, however, did not convince Carmelita. As she prepared to take Sly in, the other officer intervened, commenting that the style of the crime was related to that of the Klaww Gang's. Carmelita, addressing the officer as Constable Neyla, pushed away her comment, telling her she didn't her help. As they were talking, Sly quietly slipped toward the door. Before he could exit unnoticed, Carmelita spotted him and gave chase.


As Sly ran from Carmelita through the museum's exhibits, he regrouped with Bentley and Murray. While Bentley and Murray escaped in the Cooper van, Sly continued to lead Carmelita over the rooftops. Eventually, Sly jumped into an alley where his teammates were waiting. As he jumped into the van and drove off, Carmelita yelled that she would find him.

On the ride back to the hideout, Sly wondered whether or not Constable Neyla's reference to the Klaww Gang was accidental or an intentional clue. Being his only lead on the stolen Clockwerk parts, Sly prepared for a long mission.

Dimitri's Counterfeit OperationEdit

After the location of the locally operating Klaww Gang member, Dimitri, was pinpointed, the Cooper Gang headed out for it. Dimitri owned a large nightclub which held the Clockwerk Tail Feathers somewhere within. Before Sly sabotaged Dimitri's operation, Bentley needed some reconnaissance beforehand. Sly re-positioned a few of Dimitri's satellites scattered around the area to point at Bentley's antenna he had planted atop the safe house. With all of their data coming, in Bentley was able to find a way to quietly slip into the nightclub, which was through an old wine cellar.

Upon entering the cellar Sly was greeted by Murray, who helped him fight past the guards that were ahead. After all the guards were taken out, Sly proceeded on. He eventually found a vent that led to Dimitri's base of operations: his printing press room. Inside, Sly found Dimitri and the Clockwerk Tail Feathers which were being used by Dimitri as printing plates to print unlimited amounts of forged money.

During the operation, Sly was confronted by Constable Neyla. She explained to him that she intentionally mentioned the Klaww Gang back in Cairo to bring him there and that she was fully aware of how deadly the Clockwerk Parts were. She also said that she would help Sly in retrieving the parts. She led Sly to the back door of Dimitri's disco and told him that they would work well together, forming a secret alliance between her and the Cooper Gang. After providing Sly with the key to the disco, Neyla left.

When all was in place to take the Clockwerk Tail Feathers, Sly climbed on top of the safe house and waited while Bentley and Murray shut off the water to the plaza fountain. Once they did, Dimitri sent out his repairman to fix it. As he went out to get his truck, Sly pick-pocketed the truck's keys from him and gave them to Bentley and Murray. While they went to go hijack the truck, Sly climbed up the top of the nightclub's main sign. Once the truck and Sly were in place, Murray fired the truck's harpoon up to Sly, who caught it and attached it to the sign. Just then, Dimitri's guards started attacking the truck. Sly defended it from the waves of guards until the sign finally fell onto the fountain below, creating an entrance to the printing press room.

Using the underground approach, Sly made his way into the printing press room and finally confronted Dimitri. He tried to explained to him that what they were dealing with was more than could be thought. Dimitri did not take heed to Sly's advice, and attacked instead. Using the objects around the room, Sly dodged the lizard's attacks until he got close enough to engage him head-on. After a number of hits, Dimitri ran to his printing press, seemingly trying to disable it. Before he could, Sly knocked him into the machine's mechanisms, bruising and battering him. Without further interference, Sly retrieved the feathers from the printing press and, after a final insult from the forger, left.

Narrowly escaping the nightclub from Carmelita and Neyla, Sly and the gang celebrated in their victory and took a break by spending a week in Monaco.

Spice LordEdit

When another Clockwerk Part appeared in India, Sly and the gang made their way to their next target, Rajan. Rajan was in possession of the Clockwerk Wings and using them to attract people to his palace, where he was holding a party.

While Bentley and Murray settled in, Sly sneaked into the palace and entered the ballroom. There, he saw that the Clockwerk Wings were being displayed on a statue in the middle of the room, with an electronic winch on the ceiling above them. He also took note of several of the guests, including two that Bentley identified as Jean Bison and Arpeggio, both members of the Klaww Gang. He also noticed that three Interpol officers: The Contessa, Carmelita, and Neyla, were at the party as well. He assumed that they were there undercover to try and thwart Rajan's spice production operation.

Because stealing the Clockwerk Wings would also require Bentley's and Murray's help, Sly lowered the palace's drawbridge to allow them to enter. After that he knocked on the front door of the ballroom, seeking entrance. He was turned down by the doorman because he was not wearing a tuxedo. Making his way to the palace guesthouse, Sly ransacked each of its rooms and eventually found all the pieces to a complete tuxedo. After suiting up, he was let into the party. During the heist Sly would need to dance with Carmelita as a diversion, but he needed to gain her interest first. He confronted Neyla, who agreed to dance with him. Afterwards, Carmelita complimented Sly's dancing skills and agreed to a dance offer subsequently made by him.

Later, Sly entered the palace's boardroom through a drainage pipe and let Bentley and Murray in from the outside. While Bentley hacked the various security firewalls in Rajan's database through two terminals Sly, with help from Murray, protected their teammate. After Bentley hacked through the security and gained control of the electronic winch above Rajan's ballroom, he and Murray left back to the safe house. Sly also assisted Bentley in collecting the jewels that were embedded on the headdresses of Rajan's prized elephants, so that the latter could create a saw blade durable enough to cut the Clockwerk Wings off of their statue.

Rajan's EscapeEdit

The Cooper Gang was able to track down Rajan's location and, after a few detours, arrived at his base at an old temple in the Indian jungle. It was here that he was using the Clockwerk Heart to produce spice. Sly made his way into the Spice Production Facility and photographed Rajan and the Heart, which was in two pieces—one with Rajan at all times and the other residing at the top of the facility.

To gather more intelligence, Sly planted a bug in Rajan's office as well as sabotaged Rajan's method of intercepting the Cooper Gang's communications. After Bentley stole the spice operation's blueprints from Rajan, the spooked tiger and one-half of the Clockwerk Heart went into hiding. In an attempt to drive him out by angering him, Sly destroyed the center of his operation: his Spice Grinder. While disrupting his plans, Sly was again confronted by Neyla who assisted him in collecting one half of the Heart via a secret entrance.

When Bentley's destruction of the temple dam and partial flooding of it did not drive Rajan out of hiding, the gang exchanged a valuable ruby with another group for a truckload of Cherry Bomb 500 TNT barrels, in order to fully submerge the temple in water. When ready, Sly led the charge to the entrance of the dam's water containment unit and made his way, with Murray, to high ground just as it exploded. As the temple flooded, Rajan finally emerged from it to investigate what had happened. Enraged at the destruction of his temple and operation, he demanded the Cooper Gang face him.

As Sly watched an irate Rajan from afar, Neyla appeared. Sly, who was only after the Clockwerk Heart, asked Neyla to help take down Rajan and agreed to let her take the credit for it. Neyla made her way over to Rajan with Sly following close behind. When they both reached the platform where the tiger was, Sly told Neyla to immediately begin the assault; however, Neyla just stood there. Confused at her actions, Sly did not have enough time to dodge Rajan's attack and was knocked unconscious into the - below.

Breaking OutEdit

When Sly awoke from his injury he found himself, Murray and Carmelita in custody. He learned that although Murray had defeated Rajan, Neyla had betrayed them all to The Contessa. Bentley, the only one who was not captured, was his only hope of escape. Sly and Murray were taken to the Contessa's rehabilitation prison in Prague. Sly was placed into the "Hole", the facility's highest security unit, and left there for his mind to rot.

Bentley soon located the prison and freed Sly from the "Hole". Once Sly had made his way to the safe house, he and Bentley formulated a plan to free Murray. Sly first sneaked into Cell Block D, the building where his friend was being held, and told him of the plan they had come up with, which involved Murray getting himself thrown into solitary confinement. Once Murray did as he was told, Sly moved on to the other phases of the operation.

When Sly had made the preparations to free Murray—disabling the Contessa's security systems inside and outside the prison, gaining access codes to her prison and arranging the theft of one of her tanks—they initiated their final operation. Bentley hijacked the tank and used it to let Sly and him into the prison. Despite some opposition inside, the duo made it into solitary confinement where they found Murray, albeit in a agitated state. This was caused by the spice Murray had consumed, and because Murray most likely did not even know they were there, they had to break him out the hard way. Using the hypno-boxes around the room, which heightened the effect of spice, Sly and Bentley caused Murray to become wildly hostile. Murray broke down the cell door and charged at Sly. Sly lured him to each hypno box to destroy them.

Once they were all destroyed, Murray recovered and was happy to see his friends. The Contessa was not and upon seeing Murray free, fled. Sly and the gang pursued her, but they ultimately failed to catch her. As the Contessa escaped in her blimp, Sly knew that they would find her now that the Cooper Gang was reunited.


After taking some time off, the Cooper Gang continued their hunt for the Contessa, who they learned was a secret member of the Klaww Gang. She had fled to her castle estate, where she was in possession of the Clockwerk Eyes. Sly and the team walked into a full-scale war between her and Neyla, the latter of whom come in response to the former's recent corruption.

Menace from the NorthEdit

Stowing AwayEdit

As Sly, Bentley and Murray shut themselves into the Northern light battery, they were greeted by darkness. None of them dared talk until they were sure that they would not be heard by Jean Bison's men. After waiting for a few long minutes, they felt themselves being lifted up to Arpeggio's blimp. While stuck in the battery, Sly thought about all of their heists along that mission and how all that work was suddenly gone, stolen. He knew Bentley and Murray were also feeling what he was: failure. Sly spent the time agitated and restless, awaiting action—any action.

End of the CurseEdit

After studying what he knew on their host, Arpeggio, Sly emerged from the battery and hurried his way to a smaller blimp that Bentley had picked up strange radio signals from. Upon entering, he saw that Clockwerk was already re-constructed, but inanimate. Sly made his way to the front of the blimp, where he saw Arpeggio and Neyla. Bentley then came to the conclusion that Neyla was conspiring with Arpeggio to rebuild Clockwerk. In an attempt to stop Clockwerk's rebirth, Sly worked to pull Clockwerk apart by reversing the polarity of the platforms that were holding his frame together. When he did so, however, Clockwerk did not fall apart, but locked together.

Sly confronted Arpeggio and Neyla when they came to investigate the commotion. Arpeggio expressed his gratitude to Sly for indirectly putting Clockwerk together. Arpeggio explained to Sly that he had Neyla intentionally lead him to the Klaww Gang, and waited until he had stolen all the parts from the other members, all while not arousing any suspicion of his plan. Arpeggio explained that putting together the Clockwerk parts was only half of the plan, the other being accumulating hatred to fuel Clockwerk's immortality. He further explained that spice consumption made one angry and susceptible to hypnosis, and that the Contessa had found a way to command people using flashing lights. Arpeggio had created his blimp to transmit those light frequencies, and had gathered light waves from the Northern Lights. Dimitri had fed all of Paris spice via his nightclub, which was where the blimp was en route to.

As he finished explaining to Sly, Arpeggio prepared to enter the Clockwerk Frame. However, as he was, he was pushed aside by Neyla, who instead took his place and joined with Clockwerk's body. Arpeggio commanded Neyla to exit the frame, but was crushed by her new body. Neyla, dubbing herself as "Clock-La," flew out of the blimp. After Sly explained to Bentley and Murray what he learned from Arpeggio and what had occurred, Bentley stated that they still had a chance to stop Clock-La. He explained that she would need to draw power from the blimp's four engines to stay strong, and that if they were all disabled, Clock-La would be weakened to a state in which she would be vulnerable to attack.

After the blimp's engines were all disabled, Clock-La no longer had anywhere to draw power from. While planning on how to take down the weakened owl, Bentley was contacted by Carmelita, who agreed to help them take down Clock-La. She was, however, unable to locate Arpeggio's blimp on her helicopter's radar. To enable her to find the Cooper Gang, Sly boosted the frequency of the four radio towers on the blimp. Once he did so, Carmelita arrived and invited Sly on board. Sly took control of the gun, and engaged Clock-La in battle. Dodging attacks as they came, Sly kept shooting at the mechanical bird. Eventually Clock-La became damaged enough and lost orientation, crashing into the blimp's central rotor. As a result the blimp began to fall apart. Angry at Sly, Clock-La snatched the Northern Light Battery—containing Bentley and Murray—in her claws and flew off.

Sly and Carmelita pursued Clock-La, with Sly eventually continuing alone on foot. Making his way across the blimp's debris, Sly caught up to her bashed her head in with his cane. After a second defeat, Clock-La, battered and malfunctioning, crashed into the waters surrounding Paris. On the ground, Sly and the gang reveled in their victory. However, Clock-La appeared to not be finished yet. Bentley mentioned to Sly and Murray that he had heard about, from Clock-La's ranting, the true source of her power: the Hate Chip. While Bentley and Murray worked to open Clock-La's mouth, Sly watched. Murray soon successfully opened the bird's mouth. As Bentley reached inside to grab the supposed source of Clock-La's power, her beak closed on him, breaking his legs. The gang immediately retreated from the wreckage, which self-destructed soon after.

Sly noted that the parts were still undamaged, as if nothing could actually destroy them. Carmelita, who was angry at not having a whack at Neyla herself, smashed the Hate Chip and rendered Clockwerk's parts useless thus killing Neyla in the process. The four survivors watched as the parts faded to dust. Sly was struck by an overwhelming flood of relief as he watched the Clockwerk Parts disintegrate; he was free from the curse of Clockwerk, and so were his family line—and future children. In spite of the emotion of the moment, Sly and his somewhat fractured gang were promptly placed under arrest by Carmelita. Sly willingly agreed to take the fall for the entire affair and persuaded Carmelita to let Bentley and Murray leave without quarrel. Carmelita agreed and was given a promotion by her superior, Inspector Barkley.

Sly was taken on board a helicopter for transport into Interpol custody. Although initially silent, the two of them got to talking and recounted over past adventures and even told each other about their favorite things, prompting Sly to relate the experience to a first date. However, as Carmelita was about to share some champagne she had been saving for Sly's arrest, she realized that the short journey had taken over two hours. Whilst Carmelita went to the cockpit to check on the lack of progress, Sly realized that Bentley and Murray left with a little parting gift by rigging the chopper to fly in circles. Sly promptly parachuted out of the chopper to freedom. Carmelita swore that she'd get him as he flew off, and remarked that she would see him again soon.

Hidden LegacyEdit

An Old FriendEdit

Some time later, Sly was contacted via courier pigeon by someone named Jim McSweeney. McSweeney claimed to have worked with Sly's father, and wanted to see his son. Sly sneaked into Death Row Penitentiary Prison, where McSweeney was being held, and confronted him in his cell. He provided the prisoner with a calling card, as proof that he was the real Sly Cooper. Taking the calling card, McSweeney provided Sly with his own verification test by showing Sly a tattoo of a building on his hand and asking him what it was.

Though initially unable, Sly was able to recognize the tattoo as a museum his father had taken him to on the coast of Italy when he was three years old. McSweeney immediately knew that he was the real Sly Cooper, and told Sly about the reason he had contacted him.

McSweeny told Sly about the good relationship he had had with his father and their gang's opulence. Sly's father had once spoken to him of a secret family vault, holding the accumulated fortune of the entire Cooper Clan. McSweeny further explained that after Sly was born, their gang decided to lay low for a while. With all the tension taking place, Sly's father felt that Sly's legacy would not be safe unless it was well hidden. McSweeny had hidden the map to this secret vault in the museum before taking up a permanent residence in prison. Sly then left to retrieve the map.


Bentley, who was still recovering from the injury dealt to him from Clock-La, did not accompany Sly and Murray to the Italian museum. The duo managed to make it into the building, however they soon activated the security alarms and had to make a hasty retreat before locating the map.

With only two members on the team, Sly and Bentley alone headed out for Kaine Island. Upon arriving, they found it to already be in occupation by Dr. M. It seemed that Dr. M had been attempting to open the Cooper Vault for years, yet to no avail.

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Being a raccoon, Sly had grey fur with black stripes and mask. His apparel consisted of a blue elbow-sleeved shirt with a yellow collar, blue boots, blue gloves with yellow cuffs, and a blue cap. Around his waist was a belt with the buckle shaped in the form of the Cooper symbol. On his back was a small red backpack for storing away items and keeping his calling cards. He later forwent the backpack for a red pouch attached to his left leg. After rejoining the gang, Sly once again wore the red backpack along with the pouch on his leg. His belt buckle also had a gold trim around the Cooper symbol.




Born as a member of the Cooper Clan, Sly was next in line to continue his family's name. As such he was trained by his father at a young age to become a master thief. By the time of his father's death, Sly was able to execute mid-air somersaults and climb most pipes and ropes. He had also gained a mastery in using his cane, able to manipulate it for different uses such as attacking or opening a safe. With his cane alone, Sly was a powerful opponent in a fight, repeatedly being shown defeating opponents much larger and better equipped than himself.

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  • Sly Cooper bears a striking resemblance to Jojo the Raccoon from Sucker Punch's first title Rocket: Robot on Wheels. This is ironic, since Sly's nemesis, Clockwerk, is a giant robotic owl, and Rocket, a robot, was the protagonist of Rocket: Robot on Wheels, while Jojo the Raccoon was the villain.
  • In the Japanese versions of the games, he is dubbed by Tomokazu Seki.
  • Sly's signature color is blue. Unlike Bentley and Murray (and most characters), his is not based off his skin (or rather his fur) but off his attire.
  • Sly wears an actual mask over his mask-like fur around his eyes.
  • Concepts shown in a "making of" movie in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus show that Sly's early designs ranged from him wearing nothing more than his hat and shoes to even being chubby.
  • Sly Cooper won "Best New Character" at the Game Developer's Conference for 2002 and the "Best Stealth Character" by DragonAx for 2011.
  • Sly is of English, Scottish, Middle Eastern, Egyptian, and Japanese decent based on his ancestry.
  • Sucker Punch originally planned Sly's name to be JT, not Sly, accompanied with a different voice actor. This can be found in in the " The Evolution of Sly" bonus video on Sly 3.
  • Sly, Bentley, and Murray, in contrast to their real life species, can't swim. In Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, Sly can get a page from the Thievius Raccoonus that lets him recover from falling into water. This does not carry over to the other games.
  • During cutscenes in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, Sly appears to have entirely yellow gloves and black shoes, although during gameplay Sly goes back to his blue gloves and shoes.
  • In Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, there is a Sanzaru logo on Sly's backpack.
  • Sly is three years younger than Carmelita.


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