Prologue: A Shadow from the Past

Episode One: The Black Chateau

Satellite Sabotage

Breaking and Entering

Bug Dimitri's Office

Follow Dimitri

Waterpump Destruction

Silence the Alarms

Theater Pickpocketing

Moonlight Rendezvous

Disco Demolitions

Operation: Thunder Beak

Printing Press Duel

Episode Two: A Starry Eyed Encounter

Recon the Ballroom

Lower the Drawbridge

Ballroom Dance Party

Battle the Chopper

Steal a Tuxedo

Dominate the Dance Floor

Boardroom Brawl

RC Bombing Run

Elephant Rampage

Bomb the Bridge

Tango with Carmelita

Clear the Way for Murray

Episode Three: The Predator Awakes

Spice Room Recon

Water Bug Run

Freeing the Elephant

Leading Rajan

Neyla's Secret

Spice Grinder Destruction

Blow the Dam

Rip-Off the Ruby

Operation: Wet Tiger

Episode Four: Jailbreak

Eavesdrop on the Contessa

Train Hack

Wall Bombing

Big House Brawl

Lightning Action

Disguise Bridge

Code Capture

Close to Contessa

Operation: Trojan Tank

Episode Five: A Tangled Web

Know Your Enemy

Ghost Capture

Mojo Trap Action

Kidnap the General

Stealing Voices

Tank Showdown

Crypt Hack

Operation: High Road

Episode Six: He Who Tames the Iron Horse

Cabin Crimes

Spice in the Sky

A Friend in Need

Ride the Iron Horse

Aerial Assault

Bear Cub Kidnapping

Theft on the Rails

Episode Seven: Menace from the North, Eh?

Recon the Sawmill

Bearcave Bugging

RC Combat Club

Laser Redirection

Lighthouse Break-In

Old Grizzle Face

Boat Hack

Thermal Ride

Operation: Canada Games

Brains Over Brawn

Episode Eight: Anatomy for Disaster

Blimp HQ Recon

Charged TNT Run

Murray/Sly Team Up

Sly/Bentley Conspire

Bentley/Murray Tag Team

Mega-Jump Job

Carmelita's Gunner

Showdown with Clock-La

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