Salim al-Kupar
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In Game Information
AffiliationsCooper Clan
Forty Thieves
Cooper Gang
Real World Information
AppearancesSly Cooper: Thieves in Time
Voice ActorBrian George

Salim al-Kupar was a member of the Cooper Clan who lived in Arabia during the late tenth century. Said to possess the stealth of forty thieves

History Edit


Sly met Salim as he traveled back in time to the enchanted world of ancient Arabia – a land of magic genies, flying carpets and lost treasures. Sly quickly discovered that Salim was nearing retirement and looking forward to taking a little break from thievery, but recent events had put an end to those plans.

Salim was on a quest to free one of the members of his band of thieves from a strange imprisonment. To do so, he used his signature ability — the Climbing Cobra. This technique allowed him to rapidly ascend vertical ropes, chains or poles to quickly evade an attack. This came in very handy as he made his way through this snake-infested rug shop.

Salim had his own personal flying carpet. While Sly had the paraglider, Salim got his own exclusive flying transport. The magic carpet gave Salim the ability to glide his way across gaps and evade his enemies with ease in Arabian style.

At the end of the game, Salim finally retired from thieving and took a long nap. Then he dreamed up a lucrative new business. Parking his camel around town, he sold snacks to hungry customers, and it was highly successful. [2]

Salim's section of the Cooper Vault showcased his scimitar, his treasures and an Arabian oil lamp, once presumed to hold a mystic genie. It also had obstacles which tested the intruder on their cane skills.



In his elder years, Salim is not eager to have Bentley informing him of how to do his job, and reminds him that it is him risking his life to save a member of his gang, not Bentley. He seems to be confident in his abilities, much like Sir Galleth, but much lazier than any of the Cooper Clan members they met. For example, whenever there is a job for him in the hideout he shakes his head no and points to choose another character. Additionally, he likes to complain about how much he hates climbing at his age and how much he hates snakes. Salim is much grumpier, and much less cheerful than the other Coopers, and did not give Sly an enthusiastic welcome when he met him in Thieves in Time. Also, he (as well as his fellow 40 Thieves members) seem to have appetites that even rival Murray's, and may even surpass it. But unlike Murray, Salim and his 40 Thieves members have very low body fat and seem to be very healthy.

Physical descriptionEdit


  • Cobra Climb: This move allows Salim to rapidly climb ropes and poles to quickly evade an attack.
  • Magic Wind Attack: Salim can press Template:Icon then Template:Icon to release a gold storm attack.
  • Whirlwind Attack: By holding Template:Icon long enough then releasing it, Salim can unleash a whirlwind attack that can knock down foes.

Flying Carpet: Press and hold Template:Icon to use it the same way as Sly's Paraglider.

His sneak attack is to trap any unlucky guards he uses it on in mis magic lamp.


  • Salim's physical appearance in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time is a stark contrast with how he was depicted in previous games where he is young, tall, and muscular. This is due to leaked videos revealing that when Sly goes to Ancient Arabia, Salim is close to retiring.
    • He may not be buff in Sly 4 because he is elderly. He also may not be buff in his early youth because he was so young. As his depictions in earlier games showed him having a mustache and being buff, it is possible he grew a lot of muscle and lost it in the time in between his elder years and his 20's.
  • Salim has purple fur, which is different out of most of the other Cooper ancestors.
  • Salim's signature color is turquoise.
    • However, his attack auras are gold.
  • Salim is the only Cooper ancestor who didn't need to be rescued upon first meeting, unless you count rescuing him from his slump.
  • As shown in the intro cutscene of the Arabia level in his youth, Salim's cane was silver rather than gold, and with a diffrent design.
  • He is voiced by Brian George.
  • Both Sly and Salim have told jokes about "bug" jobs:
    • Sly: "So we're going to bug his office... With a bug?"
    • Salim: "How will putting an insect in there tell us anything? At most it will just annoy her".
  • It can be assumed that Salim's section of the Thievius Raccoonus described the climb move, which would explain his exceptional talent at it.
    • If the above is true, it can also be assumed that Sly's dad taught the climb move to Sly at a young age, as part of his mentoring, and as one of the simpler moves. It would also explain why Sly knows the climb move at the beginning of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus
  • His section of the Thievius Raccoonus was stolen by Clockwerk, the leader of the Fiendish Five.
  • It is likely that he came in contact with genies:
    • His old thief outfit has magic abillities and was said to be made by a genie
    • He owns a magic carpet
    • He uses magical abillities when fighting and even uses a magic lamp.
    • When he was rubbing lamps searching for a genie, he may have done it because he had one before.
  • The year in which Salim is encountered, 1001A.D. is likely in reference to the 1001 nights, a collection of stories from Arabia.


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Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

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