Cyrille Le Paradox
In Game Information
AffiliationsLe Paradox Clan
StatusAlive (incarcerated)
Real World Information
AppearancesSly Cooper: Thieves in Time
Voice ActorNolan North

Cyrille Le Paradox was a collector who worked in the illegal black-market trafficking of priceless stolen treasures. He planned on creating a false royal ancestry in the past to become of worth in the present and also tried to ruin the Cooper Clan by stealing their canes, thus rewriting Cooper history.

History Edit

Background Edit

Le Paradox came from a long line of master thieves, the Le Paradox Clan, similar to Sly Cooper. Years prior, Sly's father's theft of the world's biggest diamond had made him a legendary thief. It turned out that Le Paradox's father had planned to steal it first, and frame Sly's father. But Sly's father was quick enough to get it first, and Le Paradox's father got himself caught instead.

File:Le Paradox doing business.png

Without a mentor in the family business, Le Paradox eventually got himself arrested after a string of failed jobs. It was in prison that he got his criminal education bribing fellow inmates to do his dirty work where he could not, and after his release, he used his prison contacts to form his own syndicate. After this, he started masterminding heists worldwide, and maintained the appearance of a law-biding citizen, becoming a treasure collector, while actually working in the illegal, black-market trafficking of priceless stolen treasures.

Once he rebuilt himself, Le Paradox swore that he would erase the Coopers from history because of what they did to his father. He planned on doing this by stealing their canes, the signature weapon of the Cooper Clan; however, he actually hired several other criminals to steal the canes for him, rather than doing it himself. He provided his henchmen with modern-day security systems and other devices so they could effectively keep watch over the time period they were sent to.[1]

Hiring Penelope Edit

Along with three others, Le Paradox also recruited Penelope in his plan to destroy the Cooper line. Like Le Paradox, Penelope had a dislike for Sly which sprouted from her believing that Bentley's full potential was being blocked by Sly's morals. After she willingly joined, Le Paradox had her create a time machine based on the plans of the one that she had built with Bentley; however, Le Paradox's had one major difference: an item from the time that the user wished to travel to was not needed and the year could just be inputted in. He sent her to Medieval England and entrusted her with watching over that time period as well as stealing Sir Galleth Cooper's cane for him.[1]

Cover Blown Edit

File:Le Paradox is found out.png

One night, Le Paradox met with two of his henchmen, Sheriff Toothpick and Ms. Decibel. He ordered both of them to keep the canes of "Tennessee Kid" Cooper and Salim al Kupar safe, respectively, once they had stolen them from the Cooper. After he took them to their assigned time periods, Le Paradox returned to his museum to unload some stolen treasures to display. While he was doing so, Carmelita Fox appeared. Before she could arrest him, Le Paradox had his rat troopers restraint the her. Le Paradox sent the Inspector to Cotton Mouth Bluff in the year 1885, the same time period he had sent Toothpick to, so she would not be able to spread the word about him.[1]

Stealing the Canes Edit

File:Le Paradox and his army.png

Le Paradox's first stop was Feudal Japan, the era of Rioichi Cooper. It was unknown who exactly framed Rioichi by poisoning the local Shogun's sushi, though Le Paradox and/or El Jefe were involved. However, Rioichi's cane was hidden under a rug in his Sushi Shop, leaving Le Paradox without his prize. With this, he stayed in Feudal Japan giving El Jefe technological devices to find it and allow El Jefe to attempt a take over Feudal Japan. He docked his zeppelin in the local palace, which also acted as El Jefe's base. Later, when Rioichi was freed by Sly and his gang, Le Paradox's rat troopers stole Rioichi's cane after Sly defeated El Jefe in a duel. With his prize in hand and realizing he was being tailed by another set of time travelers, he set out for his next target.

In Cotton Mouth Bluff, Toothpick was successful in stealing "Tennessee" Kid Cooper's cane, but before Le Paradox could come pick it up, Tennessee had retrieved it. Rather than go to the time period himself, Le Paradox sent several of his rat troopers instead. While Tennessee raided Toothpick's train, the troopers were able to snatch the cane and take it to Le Paradox.

Le Paradox's next cane to pick up was that of Caveman "Bob" Cooper. This time around, there was no interference by the owner of the cane and Le Paradox was quickly able to get it from Grizz. When Grizz was running out of paint for his artwork, which was obtained by the pterodactyl eggs he had been stealing, he requested that Le Paradox supply him with some as a return favor for him getting the cane. Le Paradox refused to help his henchman in his personal problems, and continued on with his own plans.

Penelope was able to give Sir Galleth Cooper's cane to Le Paradox before her defeat by the Cooper Gang. He now had but one cane to collect: Salim al Kupar's. Picking up the cane was not the only business he had in Arabia, however.[1]

Changing the Present Edit

File:Le Paradox and Ms. Decibel.png

Upon hiring Ms. Decibel, Le Paradox also assigned her with kidnapping the remaining members of the 40 Thieves and using her hypnotic powers to force them to make forged documents. These papers would proclaim that he came from a royal bloodline, and once he brought them back to the present-day, he would be untouchable. In Arabia, he met with Decibel to discuss what supplies were needed to keep the thieves at work. Due to Ms. Decibel's supply of food for the thieves being low, Le Paradox agreed to give her some, but warned that she had better get the documents to him quickly. Le Paradox stayed in the time period, docking his blimp in the city's lamp shop.

After the Cooper Gang freed the thieves and infiltrated the lamp shop, Le Paradox finally revealed himself, with Carmelita as his hostage. He sent his rat troopers to drop down and steal Salim's cane, the final one that he needed. He made various snide remarks during the fight between Sly and Ms. Decibel. After the fight ended, Decibel frighteningly requested that Le Paradox let her in the blimp. He mockingly rejected her and explained that he did not share the same romantic feelings that Decibel had for him, saying that he was "not into big noses and that her music [stunk] even worse than [he did]". With the forged documents, the Coopers' canes and Carmelita in hand, Le Paradox took his ship into the sky and time traveled back to present-day Paris.[1]

Beaten by a Cooper Edit

Back in the present-day, Le Paradox used the documents to proclaim his supposed royal bloodline, and came into control of Paris, going so far as to have a sculpture of his head mounted on the top of the Eiffel Tower. He stashed the Cooper canes in various rooms of his blimp. Anticipating that Sly would come to rescue Carmelita, Le Paradox placed her near the loading dock as a trap. Sure enough, Sly infiltrated the blimp and while he was trying to free Carmelita Le Paradox trapped both of them within a glass container.

Le Paradox explained his motives to Sly and Carmelita and also showed them the "time tunnel", which he planned to through them into. Before he could, Tennessee ,who had been brought to the present by Bentley and Murray along with the other ancestors to retrieve their canes and stop Le Paradox, shot the container and set Sly and Carmelita free. Le Paradox was enraged at Tennessee, and accidentally caused the time tunnel to malfunction and tear a hole in timespace.

File:Le Paradox in jail.png

Sly then engaged Le Paradox in a duel on the deteriorating blimp, which the latter soon lost. Le Paradox slipped and begged Sly to help him up from falling off. After Sly helped him, he surprised the Cooper and grabbed his backpack. Le Paradox then made his escape using Sly's paraglider. Just as he was gliding down, he was hit by the wing of a passing airplane. Without the paraglider, Le Paradox fell down into the waters surrounding Paris. He survived the fall and kept himself from drowning by floating on a piece of his wrecked airship. He was later brought to land, arrested by authorities and placed in an odor-proof cell, with the guards wearing anti-odor suits and gas masks.[1]

Characteristics Edit

Personality Edit

On the outside and to the world, Le Paradox was a gentleman and upstanding figure to his peers. However, behind closed doors and underneath it all, he was a master manipulator who could talk and/or bribe many other criminals and mercenaries into doing the jobs he could not only to betray them when things went bad or when they simply wore out their usefulness to him. He was also known to outright disrespect his henchmen, shown when he called Ms. Decibel the "fat lady that sings."

Le Paradox also blamed the Cooper Clan for his family's constant failures (completely ignoring the fact that, since the Paradoxs were all skunks, they could be smelled before they were seen) and sought to eliminate them from history after his father's life sentence.

Despite all his advantages, Le Paradox had developed a terrible overconfidence and overweening narcissism. Before his defeat, Sly reminded him that he never really stole a single Cane from the ancestors and that with a time machine, he could have gone legit in the present time and secretly stole everything from the past. This way, no one would know what he was doing and he would have been the greatest thief in history but by attacking the Cooper Clan, he blew his cover which eventually led to his downfall.[1]

Physical Description Edit

Le Paradox had a large head, his nose and mouth stuck out from his face on a muzzle, plus his legs were relatively short, with his torso being relatively long. In his youth, his hair and mustache were black, with his hair having one white streak in it, but in his current day and age, his hair and mustache were full-on white. He also had a tiny goatee on his muzzle, and had small ears, which were somewhat obscured by his hair. Finally, as a skunk, he had a large tail, pointed on the end, with a white, split-in-two stripe running down the length of it.[1]

Abilities Edit

Le Paradox was been shown to be an adept manipulator, having been able to persuade El Jefe, Toothpick, Grizz, Penelope, and Ms. Decibel to join him, only to betray them all in the end. He was also been shown to be at least proficiently agile, being able to leap from the mechanical arms of his zeppelin's mobile control station with ease, and being able to perform a rail-slide similar to Sly. Additionally, he appeared to be a swordsman, although his skill level was quite low, not even being able to come close to beating Sly.

As a skunk, he secreted a natural odor from his tail. The smell was so bad that all his henchmen wore gas-masks to protect themselves from his stench. Also, the odor gave away his position at all times as the green gas not only littered his museum, but the Cooper Gang could smell him from outside his blimp.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • Le Paradox is the only antagonist in the entire series to not die at the end, as Clockwerk was killed by Sly, Clock-La was killed by Carmelita, and Dr. M died by refusing to leave the Cooper Vault when it collapsed.
  • Le Paradox is the only villain whose guards are present in every episode in the game.
  • Le Paradox's hair is white with a few black locks. Strangely, he is shown in his jail cell at the end of the game with black hair and a few white locks.
  • Le Paradox is the second villain in the series to own a blimp, the first being Arpeggio.
  • The word Paradox comes from the term "time paradox", which means to go back in time to alter history and destroy the very fabric of time.

References Edit

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Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

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