Bear Cub Kidnapping
In-Game Information
LocationNunavut Bay
Completed byMurray
Chronological Information
PreviousSpice in the Sky
A Friend in Need
Ride the Iron Horse
ConcurrentAerial Assault
NextOperation: Choo Choo
Real World Information
Sly 2: Band of Thieves
He Who Tames the Iron Horse

Bear Cub Kidnapping was a job completed in Nunavut Bay by Murray.

Description Edit

Kidnap two bear cubs and throw them over the fence around the hand cart. The mother bear should arrive and break the fence to free her cubs.[1]

Synopsis Edit

  • Bentley: We'll need this hand car to chase down Iron Horse number 3... but, for the time being it's all fenced in.
  • Murray: No problem, I'll tear that fence apart!
  • Bentley: The metal's too resilient for my bombs or your muscle. No, for this job we're going to have to rely on a stronger force... the love of a mother for her child.
  • Murray: Uh... you got something to tell me?
  • Bentley: Yes, I've had the good fortune of locating two juvenile bear cubs. if you out them together inside that fence they'd surely start fighting. Bears at that age are particularly antisocial. Noise from the squabble should bring the mother around to free the angry youths.
  • Murray: I get ya. That big mama bear will be able to smash the fence no problem to free her cubs.
  • Bentley: That's correct.
  • Murray: Beware cubs, for you are hunted by "The Murray"!

Bentley directed Murray to the bear cubs, who captured and placed them both inside the fence. The cubs began fighting with each other and the noises from the squabble attracted the mother to their location.

  • Bentley: That was fast, the mother's already on her way.

The mother bear freed her cubs from the fence and destroyed it in the process.

  • Bentley: That was beautiful! Just like a nature documentary, only more violence.[1]

Outcome Edit

With the fence surrounding the hand car destroyed, it became able for use by the Cooper Gang.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • If a guard sees one of the cubs, he will not attack it. However, if Carmelita does, she will shoot it with her shock pistol, either until it dies or her attention is drawn elsewhere.

References Edit

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