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A Rocky Start
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In-Game Information
LocationMesa City
Completed bySly Cooper
Clue Bottles40
Master Thief Sprint1:30
Chronological Information
PreviousThe Eye of the Storm
NextAt the Dog Track
Back Alley Heist
Boneyard Casino
Murray's Big Gamble
Straight to the Top
Two to Tango
Real World Information
Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus
Sunset Snake Eyes

A Rocky Start was a job completed in Mesa City by Sly Cooper.

Synopsis Edit

The Cooper Gang arrived the the entrance to Mesa City. Sly climbed up the security gate for view of the area. Bentley remarked that Mesa City looked more like a ghost town than a bustling city and suggested that they take off due to the lonely ambience. Wanting to test out the Ninja Spire Jump, Sly turned away the thought. After Bentley gave him instructions on how to use the technique, Sly used it to make his way through the abandoned town.

As Sly ventured further into the city, he found more signs of civilization such as a subway system. The various subway cars were outfitted with electronic floors sensors. Sly avoided these security systems along with Muggshot's guards to eventually make it to a treasure key. He used the key to unlock a hatch that led him to Muggshot's casino.[1]

References Edit

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