"Tennessee Kid" Cooper
In Game Information
AffiliationsCooper Clan
Cooper Gang
AliasesKid Cooper
Real World Information
AppearancesSly Cooper: Thieves in Time
Voice ActorSam Riegel

"Tennessee Kid" Cooper was a member of the Cooper Clan who lived in Cotton Mouth Bluff during the late-nineteenth century. Throughout a lifetime of crime in the Old West, he was able to amass a large fortune with the use of his developed techniques such as the rail walk and rail slide. He later stashed this fortune in the Cooper Vault.


Life of CrimeEdit

Thievius RaccoonusEdit

Failed Bank RobberyEdit

  • Tennessee's greatest feat of thievery was robbing a prestigious bank, which made him infamous in Cooper lore, but due to the interference of Le Paradox and "Sheriff" Toothpick, he was arrested before he could accomplish the job.
  • When Sly broke Tennessee from his cell he said "How am I the only one with a chain ball?" Tennessee offered to trade punishments as Tennessee was sentenced to be hanged.

"Tennessee Kid" Cooper was a member of the Cooper Clan. Tennessee "Kid" Cooper is Sly's Western-outlaw ancestor from late-nineteenth century America. He left his revolvers and his hat in the Cooper Vault alongside his wealth and legacy. Tennessee Kid guarded his loot by testing the intruder with his signature move which consisted of rail sliding a figure-eight railroad track powered by inertia."Tennessee Kid" Cooper is the second ancestor the Cooper Gang encounter in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.


Tennessee had an enthusiastic and confident personality and acted as comic relief at various points. Despite joking most of the time, he took his family legacy very seriously, going as far as to threaten Sly out of suspicion of him mocking the Cooper Clan. Carmelita finds Tennessee as a "handsome and charming gentleman" for his heroic behavior towards women.


Tennessee carried a six-shot revolver with a hooked handle as his Cooper Cane, with which he demonstrated spectacular gun-slinging skills-his unique ability among the Coopers. He could also use his gun for pickpocketing and hand-to-hand combat, when held by the barrel.

Tennessee also developed several techniques to aid him during his thieving career:

  • Rail Walk and Rail Slide: A move perfected by Tennessee as a method of escape during his stage coach and steam engine heists.
  • Crackshot Technique: This is Tennessee's special trademark move. With his revolver, Tennessee can target multiple objects or enemies and fire at them all with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Cane Shot Combo: Without aiming, Tennessee can shoot a big bullet at any nearby enemies in front of him.
  • Bullet Barrage: Tennessee can aim his revolver downwards then release a barrage of bullets around him to shoot any enemies around him.


  • The state animal of Tennessee is the raccoon.
  • Tennessee "Kid" Cooper's picture in the Cooper Vault showed he has a bounty of $5,000, meaning he committed various crimes in the Wild West.
  • When first introduced into the series, Tennessee "Kid" wore a long-sleeved shirt under his vest. In later appearances, the shirt was removed. However, in Thieves in Time, the shirt returns to his design.
  • It is unknown if his name is actually Tennessee or if Tennessee "Kid" is just a nickname because on several of his picture the word Tennessee is in quotations along with the word Kid.
    • The "Kid" in his name alludes to Billy the Kid or Sundance Kid, both famous historic outlaws of the American west.
  • In Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, he is the first ancestor Carmelita Fox has met.
  • There were times where Tennessee displayed arachnophobic behavior, as he said things like: "I don't know what's worse, the spiders, or the scorpions" and when confronting spiders: "I hate them creepy lil' things".
  • Tennessee mentions to Carmelita that he's met a girl who reminds him of her. (quote: "You remind me of this one feisty gal...")
  • The Thievius Raccoonus depicts Tennessee smoking a cigar. However in Thieves in Time, Tennessee has a toothpick in his mouth during cinematics, though he seems to have a cigarette during gameplay.


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